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This section is waiting for your works,if u want to join, send me your work at

and tell me the detail about your work (software use,hardware,rendertime,comment,ETC)


This picture from Veera Sae-ueng,our friend,he is thai people ,study animation in England

and now working in production house in Sweden.This image done in 3dsmax2,set light to

simulate radiosity effect!!,wonderful! I proud in Thai people!!!

Veera again!! this image done in 3dsmax2,one shot from animation,he use motionblur

to made this picture interested!!!

title picture from Veera port folio,this image done in photoshop
nice car from Ukraine 3d modeller, he is 25 years old!!!this is his first big work in 3dmax2,his tool is 166mmx 64mram.....great detail modelling!!!!