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Modeling tutorial written by Monsit Jangariyawong.

tutorial1:model the fish from 1 box !!

1.create Box like the picture with

length seg=5

width seg=4

height seg=3

2.Modify----edit mesh--->subobject--->vertex

adjust vertex like the picture(use region selection and

combine move from left front and top view)

3.try to adjust vertex to the fish-shape by using

shift-click to muliple select and Alt-click for deselect

4.move the back vertex of fish along x axis to create

fish tail and adjust porportion by scale deformation.

5. subobject----> face

select the face at back (all) and extrude it along x axis

and extrude the top face up along y-axis

6. subobject----> vertex

adjust the vertex to match the real fish shape

7. Like the previous step,select the side face of tail

extrude it and adjust it in vertex sub object

8.Apply the same techics for the side of the fish
9.modify--->more---> mesh smooth

( you must exit from edit mesh sub-object before apply

mesh smooth)

check in the smooth result check box and view your

incredible fish!!!

10.For more realistic, apply bend modifier to it
Nows, it's tiime for you ...let's try it

and have fun!!!

If your have any problem ,contact me at,thanks